CE marking

Our company provides services for obtaining the CE marking for Ukrainian manufactures.

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Marking CE - one of the conditions for the free movement of products on the European market.
CE mark  is the assessment of the EU directives and harmonized standards EN.
CE Marking (CE mark), is mandatory for products covered by the European Directive of the European Union, which requires the application of the CE mark. CE Marking (CE Mark) is not a voluntary choice of the manufacturer, or it is required or it is prohibited to apply. Applied to the production of the CE marking - a declaration of a person or entity, in order that the product complies with all relevant requirements, and that it has passed the appropriate conformity assessment procedures.
CE marking is mandatory and must be applied before the product to be labeled, will be placed on the market and put into service, except where a special law provides otherwise. If the products falling under several pieces of legislation, each of which provides marking CE, marking shall indicate that the products meet the requirements of these provisions. This is particularly important in the case of international agreements (ACCA or individual free trade agreements), ie, do not cover all the relevant European legislation.
Commitments to affix the CE marking applies to all products, which falls within the scope of the relevant legislation (directives) providing for its application, intended for the Community market and (or) market in the country, which has a corresponding agreement with the Union (for example, the European Economic zone countries with customs agreements, etc.). Products complying with all provisions of the applicable directives providing for the CE marking must have the marking.

The manufacturer shall be registered in the EU or outside it, and the person having ultimate responsibility for compliance with the product requirements of the Directive for the application of the CE marking must be resident in the EU. The manufacturer may appoint an authorized representative established in the Community, representing his interests. The person responsible for placing the product on the market, in exceptional cases, may be the person to take responsibility producer.