Technical Specifications

The requirement for mandatory registration of technical conditions now canceled!

June 5, 2014 President of Ukraine signed the new Law of Ukraine "On Standardization" (Bulletin of the Verkhovna Rada (VVR), 2014, № 31, st.1058)
This law establishes the legal and organizational framework for standardization in Ukraine and is aimed at ensuring the formation and implementation of public policies in the relevant field.

TS(TU) - technical specifications - a regulatory document that prescribes technical requirements to be met by a product, process or service, and defines the procedures by which it can be ascertained met the requirements.
Since the introduction of the New Law of Ukraine "On Standardization" any Ukrainian producer he has the right to develop technical specifications.
Now the manufacturer's responsibility for the safety and quality of products.

If you want to become a domestic manufacturer of any product, sooner or later face the question of regulating document - the order of production, the requirements to raw materials, methods of quality control of finished products and other aspects of production.
Such a document can be harmonized with the EU national standard DSTU EN, GOST - interstate standard operating since Soviet times, DSTU - national standard time of independence of Ukraine or specifications - technical conditions for production, ie standard, which is owned by the company itself.
Technical Specifications (TS) developed an interested party (by the manufacturer, associations of undertakings), depending on the specific product and, if necessary, can be coordinated with different civil service (Ministry of Health, Derzhbud et al.). TU can be coordinated major consumer of future products.
Requirements for the development of specifications laid down in DSTU1.5: 2003
To develop specifications, the following documents:

1. Certificate of state registration of the enterprise developer (payer) for registration of the TS;
2. The application and cover letter in the prescribed form 2 example;
3. Full description of the goods on which develops specifications;
4. A list of raw materials used in manufacturing and the conclusion of sanitary-epidemiological expertise;
5. Technological instructions or map production;
6. requirements of the customer / manufacturer.
7. Drawing or description of a product design.

Разработка ТУ - технических условий на продукцию